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Who is Rikki Jordan?

Rikki has been played guitar for 30 years, initially working part time and then professionally as a full time musician.

With experience gained playing both live and in the studio as both session player and recording artist, he has honed his skills as a lead and rhythm guitarist and with a passion for songwriting, is currently working towards releasing his new Album 'Pebble In the Pond' set for release sometime in the summer of 2023 (date to be confirmed).

Rikki offers a range of services based on his skills as a guitarist and sound engineer,  teaching guitar to grade 8 and offering a wide variety of work including live performance, studio sessions and songwriting.

Rikki's experience

  • 30 years playing guitar and 20 years playing live in different bands both original and Covers. Rikki also plays and teaches Bass and Ukulele.

  • 20 years in songwriting having written for himself and other bands and artists such as Legion's Elite, Loose Canon and Phil Lamey with Emotional Debris.

  • 15 years teaching with a huge success rate on grades up to Grade 8 in guitar and Bass. Rikki also helps many students with GCSE and A level Composition and performance.

  • 6 years working from his private studio gaining huge amounts of experience in recording and mixing to the point of producing his own music including his up coming album 'Pebble in the Pond' set for release summer of 2023 (date to be confirmed) and working on production for other artists including songwriting and production for Phil Lamey & Emotional Debris.



Guitar, bass & ukulele tuition 

Songwriting & Jingles

Production & recording 

Mixing & Mastering

Session Guitarist, live & studio work 

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