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Beginner Guide to Playing Guitar

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Have you always wanted to learn the guitar but don't know where to begin? Have you looked to online & ended up lost with the sea of endless information. Are you tired of hearing people telling you how easy it is? I know how frustrating it is to get started! Everyone started with the same uphill struggles, even the pros. The good news is, this is achievable. With the right practice & guidance it won't take as long as you think. This 10 week program will help guide you through the basics, ease you through the difficult stages, teaching you the best ways to get the most from your practice so you can become the guitarist you always wanted. Grow your guitar skills from the ground up giving you solid foundation to progress to any level you like. Join in with the program's members community to help encourage each other, grow together and receive on going tutor support through the course members group. This course will cover: -How to play all the basic open chords -How read chord charts & apply rhythm -Learn to play along with songs -Learn how to read tab -Learn what scales are, how to play with them & use them -Learn how to use the scales to improvise a solo -Basic soloing techniques -Receive guidance & encouragement through the new online course members community -Unlimited access This course is recommended for the beginner guitarist. Regular practice is required to achieve the best results. Good luck and enjoy!

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