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Hi folks, welcome my first newsletter which will be brought to you on a monthly basis to keep you up to date with my music, teaching and production. I've been very busy working on many new ventures including the release of my new album 'Pebble in the Pond', setting up a band & creating new self paced learning programs. Read on to find out more!

New Album Available Now!

The 28th October saw the release of the new album 'Pebble in the Pond'. It is a concept album based on my experiences of awakening and enlightenment which have stemmed from hitting rock bottom and feeling the ever common symptoms of depression and anxiety. Each song takes you through the experience of finding my true self through the practice of meditation which opened up a period of crazy experiences changing how I saw the world, life, and my self.

I started recording for the album in September 2022. It was a new challenge I decided to embark in after having spent many years messing around and eventually creating my own home studio. I decided that the songs I had written over the years where a good depiction of the concept I wanted to bring across in the hope I can send the right message of love and harmony as one consciousness.

I got the pebble in the Pond concept from a vision I received during a journey meditation in which the message was clear that one ripple can cause a large impact in the bigger picture. I felt it was the right thing to do to bring my voice to the great awakening in the chance it vibrates with anyone enough to spark the curiousity to question the narrative along with life and look within to find who you truly are and learn to love yourself as you are and become one with your body, mind and spirit. I have found my journey to be a real life changer, opening up my mind to a whole new and magical universe I didn't think existed.

Each song takes you through important wake up periods, times when I have had to hit rock bottom, make decisions, learn about experiences or face frightening truths and coming to terms with concepts that become so obvious when you empower yourself enough to take control of your own mind again. I brought you this album as I find it important now more than ever to highlight the importance of love and self worth that I wish to make present. When we love ourselves truly, it is only then we can truly share that love to others and remove hatred. I feel that a lot of today's music sends dark messages and promotes negativity in a very disturbing way lending itself perfectly to the hypnotic message of darkness, so I wanted to bring light, courage and strength to peoples hearts again to aid in gaining the courage to go deep and find who you are and stand in your own power.

I started recording 'Lost' in which I called in the help of a few friends to add their skill on their instruments, bringing to life the song I truly had in my head. I found the composition and arrangement started to come together nicely. From then on I continued each track learning more and more about the the process of recording, mixing and mastering and I feel this has been the best learning experience for me in a long time,

A hard album to place in any particular genre, it offers enough to cover many musical tastes. With meaningful sometimes hard hitting lyrics, catchy melodies and foot tapping rhythms this is one to get your ears around. Available now on all platforms.

If you haven't heard it yet, head on over and take a listen!


Meet The Band!

With the launch of the new album I have been taking the production time to make further decisions on how I want to present it live. For the first few gigs I have played I have been using a loop pedal. Although I enjoy this to an extent I felt it was time to get me back to what I love best and that is playing the guitar! I therefore went on the hunt for some willing musicians to join me as the new Rikki Jordan Band. I am pleased to announce I have gathered a selection of 3 top class musicians to accompany me on the road to bring to life the album. Our aim is to promote and launch the album and grow our fan base. Alongside the new album will be playing some newly written material and some blues rock classics including Gary Moore, Robert Cray, Jimi Hendrix and Stevie Ray Vaughan to name a few. This is where my roots to playing the guitar are and my passion on the instrument. I enter the blues rock arena and hope I can make an impression as a blues rock guitarist. We are currently working towards getting ready to start filling the diary with shows and are tidying up our live performance. I'm super excited to get playing live again with some original material in the genre I love best also promoting the album as we go!

Don't forget to subscribe to my website and keep up to date on any upcoming shows that we add to the gig list!


Brand New Self Learning Online Courses

I am extremely excited to add a new element to my teaching in the form of self paced learning. My aim is to bring a number of online self paced programs for guitar, bass and Ukulele aimed to help you learn from the comfort of your own home, at your own pace. Each course will bring module based material which will be geared towards guiding you towards growing your skills, enhancing the knowledge of the instrument and building confidence to take your playing to any level. As this is a brand new element to my website which I aim to grow by adding new courses and programs regularly. With this will come the added bonus of online tutor support and student community hub through the newly attached groups that come with signing up to each course. My new Self Learning Program 'Beginner Guide To Playing Guitar' is now available which is a perfect course for the complete beginner. The course will give order and clarity of where to begin, taking you through the very basics, teaching you all the main open chords, rhythm, how to play songs, ear training, what is a scale, how to use scales to learn to play basic solos and soloing techniques. Each module comes with a handful of easy steps which aim to give you the best practice structure to see progress quickly!

If you have always wanted to play the guitar



1:1 Lesson News

With the school year well under way and a great collection of new and returning students, I look forward to working to helping each student perfect their songwriting abilities and performance for GCSE and A Level. A new collection of young guitarists from year 8 are now well on their way and showing great potential! Each and every one are doing great in their progress. We are now getting into the countdown for Christmas and what better gift idea than a few guitar lessons! If you know anyone who would love to hone their skills on guitar or getting a new guitar for Christmas and wouldn't know where to start I would love to help! All ages welcome.

Gift Vouchers now available!


Recording News

This year has seen me busy in the recording studio mainly working away on my album bringing it together song by song. I have really enjoyed the experience of recording and have learned so much in the way of production, mixing and mastering! I have to give a big thank you to my friend Chris Logan, a highly trained and established sound engineer and guitarist/songwriter for The Rising who has been a massive help in training me in the art of recording, mixing and mastering. I now offer recording and production services in which I can offer my services as a recording engineer, help mix or master a song, E.P or album. Along with my home studio which works well for the smaller projects I am also pleased to announce my affiliation with Beats Studios, in which I can now operate from for live recordings and bigger projects.

Got a music project you would like to get started and would like to find out more?

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